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Monday, November 30, 2009 ♥.
The weather here is insane >_<> starting to get a little homesick D: was supposed to get my tattoo but i bought too much shit and ran out of cash ._. ohwell, gonna go sleep. Byeeee.

Posted @ 11:46 PM

Saturday, November 21, 2009 ♥.
Sorry didn't update for so long ._.

Thanks everyone for birthday wishes on fb, msn, calls and messages :D Love you all. Went to clarke quay with friends to celebrate my birthday. Usual drinking, nothing special this year.

In melbourne now :D anyways, alone in the hotel now, mum went out and i didn't follow. Borreeeedddd! Took heaps of photo, but i cbf uploading them here, takes too long, i'll upload them on fb. Tasmania next friday ! :D can't wait. I'm still waiting for a phone call from someone that said he'll call back >:( ohwell, guess im off to sleep. Gonna shop my ass off again tomorrow. Shopped heaps already though :P

Posted @ 10:01 PM

Saturday, November 14, 2009 ♥.
Such a simple wish, is it that hard to grant ? The only reason i'll ever hate you for is because you're too dumb to express yourself. You depend on dumb luck and you direct your own movies. If he does this, it means this, if he does that, it means that. That's probably what you think. You don't understand anything, and you never allow me to. I explain myself, and you remain unreasonable. If that's the way you want to be, i can't do anything. And the reason i should hate myself is because i can't read your mind to know what you want. And you never tell, i'm supposed to guess or just keep following what you say. I'm not your pet, i've had enough. The words i've said before, i meant them. I'll remember them, and i'll uphold them. Whether to trust them or not, its up to you. For the last time i'll say this, tell me why you want things to go this way, what you want, and where you want them. I can't read your mind, and don't expect me to. Take care of yourself and goodbye.

Posted @ 7:07 AM

Friday, November 6, 2009 ♥.
DAMN SIAN. History paper like cock, dunno how to do anything. All write like 1-2 sentence for the answers D: anyways, O's is like almost over :D last paper next week and its MCQ (: Finally can relax. After papers today went to eat with weijie and slack awhile, then cab home with geneeee. Been playing dota all night with desmond, he keeps wanting to play. Woo, at last people are asking me out but its like all at once D: haven't seen everyone so long dunno who to meet first. Mmm. Anyways gonna fly off on 17th. I'll be missing people like hell D: i'm gonna shop my ass off when i get there. Weijie's also going to melb like late november so i'll prolly see him there :D My joints are hurting like hell for some reason, i don't know why either =/

Dissappointed over a certain matter, something i'll keep to myself, but i'll remember that God never brings me to what he cant bring me through :D

Posted @ 5:40 AM

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 ♥.
Geography paper LIKE EASY ONLY! :D
Haven't slept since last night :S morning walk from batok to gombak because of fucking no cab, and i had to meet kiamyeow to go tiongbahru meet bird and KK(I decided to call him that). FUCKING EXPENSIVE CABFARE 18bucks -_-" Then went to eat at unagi with katsu bento with bryan, nigel and 2 randoms i don't know. Kel left and we went to burger king and i took bird's notes to study. Good thing i studied there, every question that came out had something to do with the notes :D then after that went to take MRT back, tried to prank kiamyeow. Told him to wait for next train then when the door closing i run in LOL! He almost miss the train :X now i realise i damn cb. LOL. Went back to gombak MRT with kiamyeow and walked back to hillgrove. 2nd last paper tomorrow and the final one's at 11th :D I'm too lazy to celebrate my birthday this year so im just gonna go drink at clarke quay because alot of friends want an occasion to meet up -.- Flying off on the 17th anyways (Can't wait to see my mum :D). My throat's still fucked, still coughing and my throat still hurts. Been like a month with this fucking cough, it keeps coming and going. Zzz. Played HoN with kel last night. Fucker Dc and make me lose D: anyways, gonna go sleep, gotta wake up at 8pm to continue studying for tomorrow's paper, byeee (:

Posted @ 4:28 PM

Why do i feel that we're drifting apart every second ?
Even when winning is illogical, losing should be far from optional.

Posted @ 7:20 AM

Monday, November 2, 2009 ♥.
Yesterday, damdam did something freaking funny with a public phone. He has a way to make the public phone in use. So if someone wants to use the public phone, he can control it from his own phone and make it busy. We were waiting at 7-11 for people to get to the phone before he makes it busy and they end up being unable to use it . LOL.

(Photo of how the phone looks when damdam does his "Magic"

Anyways, SHAG ! SocialStudies and Chemistry paper today. Irritating as fuck :S didn't get much sleep last night D: Ohwell, its over anyways, just gotta study for tomorrow's paper. Weijie told me something weird today. Thinking who the hell Joanna is. Not gonna go into detail on that. After first O's at 9:30 cabbed over to bukit view to meet kiamyeow cos i had like 4 hours before the next paper :S bored as fuck. We slacked outside bukitview for awhile so i could meet all my old school peeps :D then went to Clementi ITE to meet gene. We walked into the and the security guard tried to stop us. We just kept walking to the canteen and met gene there. The security guard came to us asking us wtf me and ky were doing there. We didn't know wtf to say, gene then said "Oh they registering for ITE, they come here eat chicken rice first" LOL! The dumb security belived that -_- i'm not registering for ITE, gonna go poly :X Anyways, met Lehao in the canteen and when i finished eating. That idiot took the school fork and spoon and left the school to eat his dapao de hamchickenegg rice. (Eugene says thats what its called). After that we slacked awhile and i went back home. Then weijie called, so i went to hillgrove to meet him before going for 2nd paper. Fucking rain stopped me from going home, had to wait like 20 minutes before kiamyeow cabbed over to save me. LOL. Gotta go study in 30 minutes, so byeeee. And uhh. Pictures.

Posted @ 5:01 PM

Saturday, October 24, 2009 ♥.
Went to town today to celebrate my dad's birthday :D ate at some japanese restaurant, the food there was fucking good. MY FAVOURITE! OYSTERS ! :D [Love seafood].

(Sorry for the already eaten clams)

Then went to paragon to look at Gucci stuffs ( Gene wanted to buy a Gucci bag lol ) No nice bags there so we went to look at belts, no nice belts either :S so we went over to Ion Orchard to look at LV stuff. The stuff there are waaaaaay to overpriced, one watch for 16800+? WTF! Well, my dad paid half for a LV belt that gene wanted. Guess the price -.-

Thats the receipt -_- and guess what gene's name came out as ? He didn't realise till we were going back home. And he's like WTF. He needed to give the right name and stuffs so if he were to shop there again he gets a discount or something.

Well , now i have a new AX BELT ! :D

Wont exactly wear it much tho, i'd rather wear a white one that i have <3

Posted @ 9:56 PM


Okay, so i lied, i didn't update LOL! Anyways, i sucked pretty bad for my chem practicals, burned my fucking test paper by accident and had to re-do the entire thing. And my solution "X" turned black, everyone else's in the lab was blue, so i just wrote the answer as blue, they wont see my fucking experiment anyway lols. Met weijie from primary school during practical, went to his condo after the exam, slacked awhile and went home to study. O levels is stressful =/ Many other reasons to feel stressed too. Mixed emotions and totally bad mood nowadays, down with a bad cough for like what 2 weeks ? Can't be fucked seeing a doctor tho, i hate medicine and i don't wanna go there alone. Anyways, i got a real good surprise for baby (: i doubt she'll expect it, but its gonna take some time for me to give it to her =/ gotta wait till my cough is gone (That was a hint). And erm, a really late photo of gene's birthday (:

Posted @ 6:39 AM

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 ♥.
Haven't updated in forever ! I'll start updating as of today.

17th Sept-
Woke up with elijah and adam in my room. Thats all i remember LOL

Forgot everything that happened after 17th, all boring days.

Last saturday i cleaned up my entire room, brought new lights and a new chair in my room :D I'll upload a photos soon :D

Posted @ 10:09 PM

You're making me live in heaven, yet hell.

Edmund Yap

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